Saturday, May 2, 2009

An extension

When I called to see what the absolute deadline I had to let them know by, New Horizons said Monday morning! Woohoo, that gives us two extra days to get the money. I am confident we will be doing the two girls but my heart breaks for Olga, she has ben in the orphange a very long time. I am wondering if God will work a miricle and let us bring her too. My heart is really knit to her, maybe because I was leaning toward her and then she was the one David picked too, without me saying anything. Last night David was looking at the photos of all the kids and talked to our kids about who they wanted to host and why an he decided that the photo I posted would be the two if that's all and if we get a third it would be Olga. Pray with us that God would provide for us to do it OR that someone else would step up at the last minute and host her. I am good with only doing two, I just hate for her not to get hosted! Of course this close to the deadline it seems impossible, fortunately nothing is impossible for God!