Thursday, April 30, 2009

Which one?

Well all the girls that we had originally picked got hosted! We are very excited about that. So we called and got more info on some of the other girls, and then when it looked like we might have get two we called and got some info on some of the sibling groups. Then I sat down with David, told about the girls and asked him to pray about it. We still don't know if we're getting one or two, or I suppose 3 or 4, but here are the girls we are leaning towards. What we're really praying is all the girls will get hosted except the ones God wants us to host so it will be clear!
Last night we were at 69% to host 2.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Got One!

Sorry I have have been so bad about posting. I have been very busy posting on FB and Twitter and sending e-mails and WOOHOO God has given us enough to host one orphan and we are working on the seccond. We started asking people to consider giving up one McD's meal and giving $5 to help an orphan, and to let everyone they know about it. And it is working!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Multiplying, that is what we are trying to do now. We have sent out e-mails and asked everyone to forward them. We are hoping for 500 people to give $5 towards our hosting an orphan for the summer. Actually we need 2000 people to give and we'll host 4! Our 11 year old son is the driving force behind this mission and the real prayer warrior for it too. See our link under the orphans picture to donate your $5!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Party, party, party!

Let's see if I can get this in the right order, I forget if the first photos go at the end or in the order I add them, so if it backwards, sorry.

First we had Ana's party on Tuesday. Here's the photos:

The next day we went to the King Tut exhibit.

Then back to my sisters hotel for some swimming and pizza.

Thursday my sisters family came to stay with us, the two who had been staying with us left and my parents arrived for the weekend.

Friday was Daniella's party, we had over 80 people! I think she had a great time.

Sunday was Easter and Rezin's birthday. He really enjoyed his icecream cake. Today is Daniella's actual birthday. Tomorrow we take a break from cake for at least a week. But life's a party so we will continue with that. God has risen, Jesus is alive, we have so much to celebrate!

Our big thing now is raising money to host orphans for the summer? Want to know more? please contact us or check out our webpage at:

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Care and Feeding of Many Children

I've noticed if I feed the kids they stay happy and quiet.
I sure hope I am not overfeeding them!

Oops I forgot to add the photos

The Boys!
Can you find the white spot?

Name that cousin.


Yesterday after church I brought Zeke, Eli, Ike and Mathew home with me and Ana went to Carolyn's. Daniella went to the Peter's to work on a skirt she's making. Of course the boys had a great time. I hosed them down afterwards and gave them a Johnson's Bath Buddy and told them to was off. Then they came in and I fed them and took them home.
The kids are doing great but really starting to miss their mom and dad. I think if we can make it through today it will be fine. Tomorrow is Ana's birthday and we'll be partying and the next day we have the field trip and getting ready to go home. And the last day will be packing up so today is the only nonbusy day, but since it is beautiful out I am going to try to get everyone to help me get cleaned up outside for the party. Well I better get back to party central.

Friday, April 3, 2009


What happens when you garden with 5 kids under 10? The youngest isn't pictured as he had already striped down. Don't worry he's the only one. I don't know what they thought I meant by if they got muddy I was going to hose them off. But when I pulled out the hose and started spraying them down they seemed a bit surprised. Yes I did give them permission before they got really muddy, but lets face it they weren't clean out there helping me plant the tomatoe plants. After I hosed them down I put the 4 boys in one bath and the girl in another and had a few uninterrupted minutes, it was worth the laundry. And they all had a good, nice, hot soak with a Johnson's Bath Buddy to scrub down with. And I knew none of the boys would drowned, they were wedged into the tub too tight:)
OK obviously I am just learning. The cake should have come under the other picture.

The cake.Add Image

Welcome to party central!

OK I set this up to learn how to do the whole thing, haven't had time to really work on it. So no comments. But no one has this address anyway so it is a safe place to post and JIm and Jane can check up on their kids and the rest of the family can see how I am doing. First I am going to post Gabriel's birthday pictures.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

First let me say this is so boring looking, I am working on it but with 6 kids I have little time.
OK here are my deals!
I was very disappointed at Walgreen's I am liking shopping there less and less. I'm not even going to post about it.

But I did GREAT at CVS this week:

Accu Chect Monitor 9.99
Scrubbing Bubbles disposable tub scrubbers 2 @ 2.99 = 5.98
Sally Hansen Nail Polish B1G1 2 @ 2.79 = 2.79
CVS tall kitchen bags B1G1 2 @ 7.49 + 7.49
Huggies Travel wipes 2.00
mini stix pretzels 2 @ .79 = 1.58

Total before savings: 28.83

-5.00 off 30 or more
-2.00 any purchase
-2.00 off Huggies
-2.00 off 2 pretzels
-2.75 off Scrubbing bubbles
-2.75 off "
-3.00 off 2 Sally Hanson
-3.48 ecb

Savings = 22.98
Got 9.99 ecb back