Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brazil News

Well I guess it takes more then great deals to get me to blog.  But this is something exciting to blog about.  David's parents, Howard and Marilyn, and one of David's sisters, Carolyn, her husband Brad and their 11 kids have moved to Brazil to open a camp.  They are hoping to minister to the very poor and to orphans among other things. 

It is a totally cool story.  Here's the VERY quick version: Brad and Carolyn Atkinson had been feeling like God was leading them to run a children's camp, they even followed several leads but doors always closed.
David's youngest sister, Mary Jane and her husband Jim went to Brazil on a mission trip, while they were there they went to look at a piece of property for the Atkinson's and told someone why, that person told someone else and long story short Jim ended up getting a 100+ acre camp given to him!  The Atkinson's have moved to the camp.  Carolyn's parents, who were missionaries in Brazil for years, have gone with them to help. The camp hasn't been used for several years and needs lots of work.

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