Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have gotten several questiong about the fund raising and what is happening in Brazil.  Here is my attempt to answer them, I will probably answer some every day.  Feel free to leave questions in the comment box.

1. Why are you having checks written out to "Christ Community Church" instead of "Hope and Life Brazil"?
Because Hope and Life Brazil is still working on their 501c3, this way people who want tax receipts will be sure to get them.

2. Why are you having the checks sent to you instead of Christ Community Church or Hope and Life Brazil?
Because I am doing the fund raiser and keeping track, so I know when we have raised enough money for the tower and enough monthly support.  While the church will keep track for tax purposes, they aren't collecting addresses and e-mail addresses to send to Atkinsons/Moores, I am.  CCC will cut a check(s) to Hope and Life Brazil.

3. Couldn't  Hope and Life Brazil keep the records?
Yes they could. They are very professional. But they are preparing to lead a team on a trip to Brazil next month and I am trying to make their life easier. And it keeps everything in one place.

4. What's up with the paypal?
I thought that would be an easy way for those who just want to give a few $$.  I will take out the whole amount that comes in and give it to Hope and Life.

5. Do Atkinsons/Moores have access to the money?
Yes, any money that is designated to them goes to them.

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