Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Questions

1. Who is Hope and Life Brazil?
Well actually  no one!  It is a piece a property.  A ministry.  The property is owned by Jim, he runs things in the USA.  The Atkinson/Moores are on site in Brazil working to get things set up there so they can run children's camps and several other ministries.  Check out their website, link to the right.

2.  Did Atkinsons/Moores just go down there with no money?  Didn't they know they would have these expenses?
Of course they didn't go down with no money, they have what they need to live on.  The Atkinsons budgeted to build a house, that is what they are using to buy their house, it will actually cost them less this way.  They have money budgeted for a vehicle it is just costing a lot more then they expected.  Everything is costing more then they expected.  The camp needs lots of work.  They had to upgrade the electric and replace water tanks. 

3.  Wasn't someone using the camp before?
Yes, but it has been several years.  Lots of stuff that was there is no longer there.  And some of the things that are there, buildings ect. need work, lots of work.

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