Monday, April 6, 2009


Yesterday after church I brought Zeke, Eli, Ike and Mathew home with me and Ana went to Carolyn's. Daniella went to the Peter's to work on a skirt she's making. Of course the boys had a great time. I hosed them down afterwards and gave them a Johnson's Bath Buddy and told them to was off. Then they came in and I fed them and took them home.
The kids are doing great but really starting to miss their mom and dad. I think if we can make it through today it will be fine. Tomorrow is Ana's birthday and we'll be partying and the next day we have the field trip and getting ready to go home. And the last day will be packing up so today is the only nonbusy day, but since it is beautiful out I am going to try to get everyone to help me get cleaned up outside for the party. Well I better get back to party central.

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