Friday, April 3, 2009


What happens when you garden with 5 kids under 10? The youngest isn't pictured as he had already striped down. Don't worry he's the only one. I don't know what they thought I meant by if they got muddy I was going to hose them off. But when I pulled out the hose and started spraying them down they seemed a bit surprised. Yes I did give them permission before they got really muddy, but lets face it they weren't clean out there helping me plant the tomatoe plants. After I hosed them down I put the 4 boys in one bath and the girl in another and had a few uninterrupted minutes, it was worth the laundry. And they all had a good, nice, hot soak with a Johnson's Bath Buddy to scrub down with. And I knew none of the boys would drowned, they were wedged into the tub too tight:)

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  1. Hey Robbin, we just saw the pictures you posted of the kids. They look like they are having a blast. Thanks for taking some pictures and letting us see them, we are really missing the kids. I have a whole new appreciation for them after having been on this trip. We are having a great time and God is doing some amazing things but we are really looking forward to getting home to be with the kids. Thanks for helping us with them so that we can be here without worrying about them. Send them our love - MJ and Jim (